ORAN Services

ORAN - Deployment Services 


Service Deliverables

  • SMO Entities
  • Non RT RIC - rApp
  • Near RT RIC – xApp
  • Kubernetes (K8s)
  • Docker
  • Configure all ORAN & 3GPP interfaces
  • Control Unit (CU) further disaggregation (CP & UP) Support.
  • CPRI/eCPRI front-Haul installation/deployment
  • Able to perform different testing of each CU/DU/RU entity.
  • Able to perform interoperability between different vendors.

End to End Implementation by following ORAN frame structure

Support/deploy Different Deployment Techniques

Support different Functional Splitting

Physical Deployment Scenarios Support

Different Physical Deployment Scenarios supported/deployment

  • CU & DU both are located at same COT x86 servers, so there would be no Midhaul.
  • RU & DU placed close to each other
  • CU placed intermediate between

Independent RRU, CU & DU locations.

  • Distance between RRU & DU is in the range of 0-20KM
  • Distance between DU & CU is up to tens of KM
  • Fronthaul, Midhaul & Backhaul are required accordingly.