Band 28 Macro Cell

Connectivity Specification

  • Physical: 2x10 G Base-T Eth over SFP+
  • Interface Protocol ORAN Split 7-2x
  • Time and Synchronization: IEEE 1588v2, IEEE 1914.1, ITU-T G.826x, G.8275.1

Compliance Specification

  • 3GPP Spec Compliance: Rel. 15+, Upgradable to V16
  • O-RAN Compliance: ORAN-WG4.CUS.0-v08.00, O-RAN.WG4.MP.0-v07.00, ORAN-WG4.IOT.0-v02.00
Radio Specification:
Band: n28 (UL: 703 – 748MHz DL: 758 – 803MHz), 5G
Bandwidth (max): OBW 20MHz
Duplex Mode: FDD
Modulation: QPSK/QAM256/64/16
Sub-Carrier Spacing: 15 KHz
Carriers: 2
RF Output Power: 60Watt /47.78dBm
Antennas: External
Power Specification:
Powering: 48V DC IN
Maximum Power: <850 W
Environmental Specification:
Dimension (mm): 410 x 400 x 146
Volume: 24 L
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C
Environmental: IP65
Mounting Style: Wall and Pole
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